Health Requirements, Forms, and Other Information
  • Health Requirements for School Attendance
    Health status information must be submitted on the Illinois Department of Public Health Certificate of Child Health Examination form, which is available through your child's school district office or this website. Information provided must include:

    • verification of immunizations as required by your child's age and by the current Illinois Department of Public Health,
    • proof of a physical examination completed by a licensed physician and,
    • the completion of the Health History section of the physical examination signed by the parent or guardian of the child.
    • a dental examination is required.
    • diabetes screening performed by a licensed physician is also now required.

    Failure to submit this information in a timely manner will result in the exclusion of the child from attendance at school.

    Students who are transferring to an Illinois Public School from another state must sign a release of information so that records from their previous school that will confirm compliance with physical examination and immunizations requirements can be obtained from their former school. Students who are coming from out-of-state must provide this information upon transfer and must also furnish evidence of physical examination by a physician in the state of Illinois within one year from the date of
  • Description of District 107 Health Services
    There is a health office equipped for first aid treatment in each school building. A full-time registered nurse supervises each office. School staff will assist in providing first aid and in administering medications when the nurse is not in the building.

    School nurses provide emergency care and referral, health promotion activities, assessment, counseling, vision and hearing screening and health evaluations for students with special needs. Parents are urged to notify the nurse if their child has any health problems and/or concerns.

  • Health Forms Downloadable in .PDF Format
    Please remember to update your Emergency Contact Form at the beginning of each school year and at any time there is a change in your information. This information and your child's physical examination are your best means for communication any health concerns to school personnel.

    All the medical forms are available for download on the district registration page.
  • School Nurses' Building Assignments
     Nurse  Assignment
    Mrs. Lisa Penrod
    R.N., CHVT
    Mrs. Denise Rende
    R.N., CHVT
  • State of Illinois Immunization Requirements
    Illinois State Law requires that all children entering Kindergarten, 6th grade, or transferring from out of state furnish evidence of a physical examination completed within one year prior to entry, including a current immunization record. Immunizations must be in accordance with the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements. All kindergarten students must have a Varicella Vaccine given on or after the child's first birthday. In lieu of this, a health care provider may give a signed statement indicating the date the child had the disease. Two measles immunizations are required for all children K-12, and a series of three Hepatitis B shots given over a six-month period are required for grades 5 through 8. Failure to meet this requirement will result in exclusion of the child from school until the Health Record is complete. Physicals and Immunizations are available from the Cook County Health Department. Phone 708-492-2000 for more information.
  • Sports Physical Examinations
    Physical examinations are required each year for students who are participating in any interscholastic or intramural sports, after school or on weekends. Physical examinations are good for only one year from the date of the last examination, and must be on file in the health office before the student will be allowed to participate in team activities.

    District 107 does not offer physical examinations through the school. If your child is planning to participate in any sports program during the school year, it is important that the physical examination be completed before the school year begins. This form, and all other health forms, are available at the Middle and Elementary school offices, or can be downloaded in PDF format directly from this site.

  • Medication at School: Information for Parents
    District 107 policy authorized the administration of those medications, which are necessary to maintain a student in school and must be given during school hours or school activities.

    All medications given at school (prescription and non-prescription) must be accompanied by a written authorization from the prescribing physician and a written parent's permission. These forms are available at each school office and may be faxed by your doctor's office for your convenience. You may also download the forms from this site.

    Any changes in the dose or schedule must be accompanied by a written authorization from the physician and a written request from the parent.

    All orders for long-term medication(s) must be renewed at least annually, preferably at the beginning of each school year.

    Parents are encouraged to make arrangements with the school nurse for the development and implementation of a system for communicating the effectiveness and side effects of the medication(s).

  • Local Health Resources
     Cook County Health Department 708-492-2000
     La Grange Hospital
     Hinsdale Hospital
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  • American Academy of Pediatrics
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  • Illinois Department of Public Health
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